10 Most Popular Computer Games of All Time

The computer gaming industry is rapidly growing with each year bringing new chartbusters. Computer games are increasingly becoming hardcore favorites among both kids and adults. There are top games that are unlikely to be unseated in the near future, which have been listed below.


1. Grand Theft Auto


Grand theft auto gained massive popularity in the year 2003; it essentially afforded gamers an opportunity of experiencing an open world sandbox gameplay. Whenever there is a discussion of the best computer game of all time, GTA is picked nine out of ten times. And as the Rockstar gaming company continues to improve the script, this game promises to become even more interesting.


2. Portal


Portal was among the first games ever, if not the first, to challenge gamers into solving riddles in a three-dimensional space. This game generally involves cracking trickier puzzles gradually, which often proves to be a delight whether you are playing in the pilot seat or as a backseat driver. This game is particularly ideal for adventure fans; the gameplay is capable of stretching your imagination beyond measures.


3. Prey


The gameplay in Prey seamlessly and regularly shifts between tense and intense. Additionally, the game features a clever upgrade system, which allows you to trade vulnerability for power. With its focus on empowering players to try new things, it’s not a wonder that this game has gained massive popularity and rated among the best action-RPGs games ever created.


4. Homeworld


Homeworld is a product of relic entertainments that features several interesting and strategically scripted battles in three dimensions. This game features beautiful modern homes interior. On top of that, your units are carried over to the next mission, reflecting an advantage or disadvantage. This depends on how you performed in your last undertaking, which implies that for the next mission to favor you, you will have to dominate in the previous one. 


5. Half-Life 2


This is among the most impressive and critically acclaimed media games of all times, which effortlessly won over 40 awards in the year 2004. It features a unique combination of graphics and animation. Half-life exhibits an exceptional achievement in design and innovation, and its ability to entertain gamers all over the globe is unrivaled.


6. Deus Ex


The first thing that grabs the attention of the player when they first engage in this game is the storyline, which is rich in conspiracy theory. The second thing is the player’s empowerment over gameplay choices. In comparison with the countless RPG action games that have been released in the past years, Deus Ex outsmarts them all.


7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


You might easily get lost exploring the side quests of this game, not because the primary storyline is not interesting; far from it. It’s because there are multiple worthy distractions in this game that are almost impossible to ignore. The game is extremely enticing and one to return to especially during the periods of quiet gaming. This is because picking up from where you left is incredibly easy.


  8. Quake III Arena


Quake III is a gorgeous game that ran like a dream even on low-end computers, and just like with The Portal, it cemented the idea that gamers battle in 3D. The game interestingly goes a notch higher by engineering the birth of call of duty. In this game, you fight enemies that are using rocket jumps to propel themselves at incredible speeds over your head. Unlike with other games like Rocket Arena 3 where enemies are merely above or below, with this game, you can be flagged from up to 360 degrees.


9. Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis


There are many point-and-click games, but Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis remains a favorite among the majority. This is because it has a clever and innate repeat feature that other games like The dig or the Grim Fandango lack. Its story also stands among the best Indiana Jones tales ever since the Last Crusade.


10. Age Of Empires II: The Age Of Kings


This game is an improved version of the original Age Of Empires. It also comes with genre-defining features like the bell that’s utilized to call villagers back to their safety and an option for customizing keys for optimal actions per minute. The age of kings is an excellent choice for those looking to have fun while also learning about history.


Although multiple media games are shining in the limelight in the modern days, computer games are still extremely trendy. These games present you with an excellent opportunity to spend time with your friends or family and have fun. The majority of these games are absolutely free thus you don’t require spending a single penny to play.


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